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Styling Tips for Pairing Woven Handbags with Different Outfits & Occasions

Woven handbags are famous for their intricate designs, craftsmanship, and timeless charm. They’ve become fashionable style statements beyond mere accessories. They add a unique texture to your overall look, whether you’re spending a casual day or preparing for an elegant evening.

From chic clutches to classic totes, there are many different types of woven bags for sale. You can integrate them into your wardrobe for various outfits and occasions. Their natural color makes them a great pair with a pair of jeans, a red blouse, or a white cotton sundress. The number of options can be overwhelming, but you can consider the following tips to balance your style and function.

Type of Occasion

Understanding the occasion’s theme, atmosphere, and tone will play an essential role in choosing the right outfit. Whether you’re styling for a business seminar, a wedding, or a girl’s night out, there are different woven handbags for every occasion.

Size can be the primary factor when carrying fewer items apart from your phone and wallet. Hence, you can wear a wristlet or a crossbody for such events. Accordingly, you can consider a mini bag to give off a sophisticated look for special outgoings.

Large woven bags can make you appear easygoing and laid-back by being handy and functional. There is no specific rule regarding woven bags, as they have a natural color for every setting. You can pair it with a summer dress and sandals on the beach or a cocktail dress with heels for a night out.

You must find the right balance since you cannot pair it with casual outfits like baggy tees and cargo pants. Hence, medium to small sizes are recommended for friendly, formal settings with distinct outfits. Large ones are your go-to for casual attire.

Choosing the Perfect Outfit

A well-put-together look encompasses a blend of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles. Woven handbags are a great option to offset the look of softer lines from silk or satin. You can also pair it with nubby and wooly fabrics.

Ensure your woven handbag is the right size for your body shape. Slim and long bags go well if you are curvy, and medium or crossbody bags are excellent choices for those with petite figures.

Accordingly, you can create a good outfit combo using contrasting colors. You do not have to worry about matching the color of your handbag. Choosing something opposite on the color spectrum can help your handbag pop out for an exciting look.

Everybody knows orange and yellow complement each other. However, you could create a style statement by choosing a black outfit with a brown woven handbag. You can also try coordinating the outfit’s colors and handbag if you’re adventurous. But you can also play it safe by matching it with accessories like belts or shoes.

You can experiment with various styles and colors, from multi-colored dresses to monochrome outfits. If you still cannot decide, choosing neutral shades of white or black works for any occasion. You can also explore different shades if you’re going for the same color.

Pairing with Other Accessories

You can create multiple layers to your outfit with additional accessories to accompany your shoes and handbag. Hence, you can choose earrings, scarves, necklaces, or bracelets. Moreover, you can decide on their colors to complement or contrast your outfit.

Experiment with different styles, textures, and colors to enhance the visual appeal of your outfit. You can tailor them according to the occasion to create a beautiful fashion statement as a means of personal expression.